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Jarek Zawadzki

I've shot this one myself
Phoenixes Street, Shenzhen
I've just made my laundry as you can see

My name's Jarek Zawadzki and this is my

Literary Translations Bureau

The reasons for this site:

  1. I want to advertise myself as a translator of literature into Polish
  2. I want to point out the malpractise of translating books into Polish via their English translations - as if we had no people in Poland who could translate from Japanese, Arabic, Chinese or the whole bunch of other languages not so popular as English or French.
  3. I want to say I am here :-)

I have received MA degree in Chinese from Warsaw University (in case it mattered) and, as I am writing this, I work in China as a freelance interpreter and translator.
My profile at ProZ.com

This website lets you read, download or buy my translations:

Some bits and pieces for English readers:

Selected Masterpieces of Polish Poetry as translated by Jarek Zawadzki

A large fragment of Asking the Heavens by Qu Yuan (an ancient Chinese poet) as translated by Jarek Zawadzki

Why do I do this? Hm, I like doing it.

If you need a rendition of an English work into Polish:

  • write me: jz[æt]tlumacz-chinskiego.pl
    just replace the '[æt]' with an '@' :-)
  • skype me: yarekshaning
  • call me: +48 880 498 378

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